Reported Date

Trail Conditions


January 17, 2018 Orleans Snowstormers trails are open. Some areas have thin coverage while others have much better conditions. Beware of areas where people this weekend ran into water and slush as they are now frozen ice and rough. Groomer will be out to fill water bars and work the snow base. We will not groom the section of 58/5 nest to the river in Charleston until the ice goes down. Every thing is frozen and sleds are going through. PAY ATTENTION, SLOW DOWN AND USE YOUR HEADS!!! Enjoy, and remember January 27th, NICOHLAS GAGE POKER RUN.

Fair to Good


January 14, 2018 We have received TWO days of 40+ degree days and heavy rain followed by a cool down. This has left our trails bare with just 2 inches of snow cover. There are numerous locations that are flooded and dangerous for riding. We are closing our trails until water receeds. DO NOT try to ride until conditions improve and trails are opened again. This is for your saefty as water and slush is very dangerous. CLOSED
January 11, 2018 Weather is calling for temps in the 40's for Thursday & Friday with rain. Groomer will not go out until we receive cooler temps. Temperatures on Saturday will drop with a chance of possible snow. Please stay off the trails until things freeze up again, you will only ruin it for everybody. GOOD to FAIR
January 4, 2018 Went out for our first ride yesterday 71 miles total the trails are not bad with the snow conditions that we have. There are a few areas that have ice spots in the trails and thru the wetlands we are not taking the groomer through there until we get more snow, don't want to open up the water areas right now they are frozen but the area is rough you can go thru BUT GO SLOW!!! Groomer will be running during the days because of the cold weather. GOOD to FAIR
December 27, 2017 Groomer has been out and covered all the trails. Conditions have improved and some areas are in good shape. There are still areas with thin snow, rocks and hazards. The wetlands will benefit from the upcoming deep freeze as there is still water & mud in that area. We will update again when conditions improve.

Early Season Riding

Rough to Good

December 23, 2017 MERRY XMAS to ALL!!! We are opening our trails under limited snow conditions. Wet areas should be frozen, extreme care must be taken especially in the wetlands in Westmore. Some areas have low snow conditions and rocks are still visible. If you decide to ride, this is early season riding, slow down and pay attention. We will update as trails improve. We have a small logging operation on rte.5,south of OS-14 junction to be mindful of. Groomer will be out when snow conditions allow.

Early Season

Hazardous Conditions

December 17, 2017 Yesterday we were out panning our trails. There is open water bars, mud and hazzards in the trail. Some areas have low snow conditions and for safety's sake we are not opening our trails at this time. We need more snow and continued cold temps before we recommend riding. We will post more info as soon as we have a change. Thank You for being patient. Not recommended for riding!!
December 16, 2017 Trails officially open today weather permitting.