Reported Date

Trail Conditions


March 26, 2018 Trails in the Orleans area are once again down to mud and dirt. The weather forecast is calling for temps in the high 40s and possible rain. Out of respect for our landowners and the safety of snowmobilers, we are closing our trails for the season. Gates will be closed so do not attempt to ride our trail system. We hope you have enjoyed our trails and will come back and visit us again next season CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!
March 22, 2018 Trails in the Orleans area are in great shape. Groomer has beenout nightly, the cold conditions we have received has produced excellent conditions. This is SPRING riding conditions. Road crossings are down to dirt and sections using plowed roads have marginal snow or down to dirt. Weather forecast for next week predicts warup so better get out and enjoy now. EXCELLENT
March 15, 2018 We have been informed that the excavator issue on Vast trail 58 between OS-89 and OS-16 has been resolved. Excavator has been removed and trail area repaired. Will run the groomer out to it tommorrow. Trail is now open and passable. Thee Groomer continues to roll, trails are lose packed and in good shape.



March 15, 2018 CAUTION ALERT!! The section of VAST trail 58 between OS-89 junction located by the Old Stonehouse Road in Brownington and OS-16 junction on Dane Hill in West Charleston is CLOSED. An excavator operator attempting to use the snowmobile trail to navigate personal property broke through a section of ice and snow and became mired in the mud. In a failed attempt to get out, serious damage was done to the trail rendering it impassable to both groomer and sleds. Once the excavator is removed, we will asses the damage and decide what course of action can be taken. For your own safety and respect for the landowners, please do not attempt to use this trail at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.


March 14, 2018 We have received over a foot of new snow in the past 24 hours. Groomer will be out packing this new snow, be patient as it will take time. This will produce lose packed conditions, so keep speed down and ride with caution. WINTER IS BACK!! GOOD, LOSE PACKED
March 10, 2018 Got back from grooming late yesterday. Trails in the elevations received up to a foot of new snow and groomed up nice. Trails in the Orleans area are a little thin but ridable. Trail by beech next to Willoughby is ridable. More snow predicted today. Some areas are icey, local clubs have had issues with grooming these icey areas. Our groomer will continue to roll as long as conditions allow. Keep fingers crossed for more snow and seasonal temperatures. FAIR TO VERY GOOD
March 8, 2018 We have received 8 inches plus of snow from this recent storm. Groomer will be out night and day to work the trails, please be patient as it takes time. Keep in mind because we had lost most of our snow cover, that some areas will be like early season. Please watch your speed and stay alert. FAIR TO GOOD
March 6, 2018 The National Weather Service is calling for snow storm with a prediction of 5 to 10 inches of snow. We are keeping an eye on this storm as we will need most of that prediction to open our trails. STAY TUNED!! We will update as soon as we can on the outcome of this storm. Hope it will give one more weekend in our area. DO THE SNOW DANCE!! CLOSED!!!
February 21, 2018 The rain and warm weather of the last 3 days has not been good for our trails. Feilds are down to grass and mud with patches of ice. Low areas are flooded. There is still some snow and trail base in the woods, but no place to go when you reach the open spots in the feilds. Out of respect for our landowners and the safety of snowmobilers, we are closing our trails to snowmobiling. We will open them when we receive cold temperatures and significant snow fall. PLEASE do not try to ride these trails, you will only ruin it for everyone. CLOSED!!!
February 15, 2018 Went for a 100 mile ride yesterday, area trails in great shape. We still have some thin areas and ice, but overall great riding conditions. The groomer has been running on a regular schedule and will continue as weather and conditions permit. The forecast for today is temps in the 40s and slight chance for rain/snow showers with a cool down tomorrow with colder temps and blustery conditions. Looks like another good weekend, trails are hard and flat. ENJOY IT NOW!!



February 8, 2018 STORM UPDATE: We received 7 to 10 inches of new snow last nignt. This is fine snow and with calm winds will help immensely to build up trails in wind swept fields. Between last night's storm and Sunday's, we have received wellover a foot of new snow. Groomer is running nightly to provide the best trail conditions possible. Forecast is calling for some light snow showers with more accumulating snow. Please keep your speed down and stay on the trail. WINTER IS BACK FOLKS, get out and enjoy!! GOOD TO VERY GOOD
February 7, 2018 We received 6+ inches of new snow from Sunday's snow storm. Weather forecast is calling for another 6 to 12 today and evening. Groomer has been out nightly and will continue on a regular schedule. I have been told that 58 into Island Pond from the OS-15 junction Road is now open. We will update again after the storm. Good to very good
February 2, 2018 Latest update: We received 2 to 4 inches of snow last night. Although not enough in the Orleans area to send groomer out, it makes riding this area more reasonable. Our base is thin, flat and in decent shape and this snow is a welcomed addition. Still need to take caution for open water bars and ice. We are watching a possible 1 to 3 inches predicted for Sunday and hope it will allow us to start grooming operations again. Enjoy the new snow.

Good to fair


February 1, 2018 Conditions of trails in the Orleans area has not improved. The fields in and around town are down to ice and bare spots and should be avoided. Conditions in the woods and higher elevations are better, but here again, a lot of ice and the base is thin. The good news is we still have a decent base in most places, we just need a reasonable amount of snow to bring everthing back. We will resume grooming operations as soon as we can get some decent snow cover for fields around town as not to damage what base is left there. Be patient and do the SNOW DANCE!! If you chose to ride, use extreme care.

Fair to poor


January 25, 2018

Last weekends warm-up and this weeks rain has not been good for our trail base. Conditions in elevations and woods is still decent, but fields are bare and very thin. Predicted warm weather and rain for weekend will not make the matter any better. We also have pokets of water in some areas. Groomer will not be out unless we receive some significant snow fall. On the other hand,even if the weather does not want to cooperate, get into your vehicles and come do the Nicholas Gage Poker Run. Have some fun with friends, support our club and support our local businesses. You could win $500.00 cold hard CASH!!

Fair to poor


January 17, 2018 Orleans Snowstormers trails are open. Some areas have thin coverage while others have much better conditions. Beware of areas where people this weekend ran into water and slush as they are now frozen ice and rough. Groomer will be out to fill water bars and work the snow base. We will not groom the section of 58/5 nest to the river in Charleston until the ice goes down. Every thing is frozen and sleds are going through. PAY ATTENTION, SLOW DOWN AND USE YOUR HEADS!!! Enjoy, and remember January 27th, NICOHLAS GAGE POKER RUN.

Fair to Good


January 14, 2018 We have received TWO days of 40+ degree days and heavy rain followed by a cool down. This has left our trails bare with just 2 inches of snow cover. There are numerous locations that are flooded and dangerous for riding. We are closing our trails until water receeds. DO NOT try to ride until conditions improve and trails are opened again. This is for your saefty as water and slush is very dangerous. CLOSED
January 11, 2018 Weather is calling for temps in the 40's for Thursday & Friday with rain. Groomer will not go out until we receive cooler temps. Temperatures on Saturday will drop with a chance of possible snow. Please stay off the trails until things freeze up again, you will only ruin it for everybody. GOOD to FAIR
January 4, 2018 Went out for our first ride yesterday 71 miles total the trails are not bad with the snow conditions that we have. There are a few areas that have ice spots in the trails and thru the wetlands we are not taking the groomer through there until we get more snow, don't want to open up the water areas right now they are frozen but the area is rough you can go thru BUT GO SLOW!!! Groomer will be running during the days because of the cold weather. GOOD to FAIR
December 27, 2017 Groomer has been out and covered all the trails. Conditions have improved and some areas are in good shape. There are still areas with thin snow, rocks and hazards. The wetlands will benefit from the upcoming deep freeze as there is still water & mud in that area. We will update again when conditions improve.

Early Season Riding

Rough to Good

December 23, 2017 MERRY XMAS to ALL!!! We are opening our trails under limited snow conditions. Wet areas should be frozen, extreme care must be taken especially in the wetlands in Westmore. Some areas have low snow conditions and rocks are still visible. If you decide to ride, this is early season riding, slow down and pay attention. We will update as trails improve. We have a small logging operation on rte.5,south of OS-14 junction to be mindful of. Groomer will be out when snow conditions allow.

Early Season

Hazardous Conditions

December 17, 2017 Yesterday we were out panning our trails. There is open water bars, mud and hazzards in the trail. Some areas have low snow conditions and for safety's sake we are not opening our trails at this time. We need more snow and continued cold temps before we recommend riding. We will post more info as soon as we have a change. Thank You for being patient. Not recommended for riding!!
December 16, 2017 Trails officially open today weather permitting.