Reported Date

Trail Conditions


March 17, 2022 As predicted our trails are bare and muddy and we are closing our trails for the season. We would like to thank all the gracious landowners who have made it possible for us to enjoy our passion. Thanks also to our volunteers who made it happen and our membership for supporting our endeavors. Last meeting of the season will be held April 12 as we wind up all operations. CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!
March 12, 2022 We are monitoring the present snow storm. Our club is a valley club and because of that our trails were completly bare to grass and mud with thin ice areas. We would need 8-10 inches of good snow to reopen trails and are watching this posibility for tomorrow. However, this would be short lived as temps in the 40s and and partial sun starting Monday will quickly melt most of this snow. We will not try to groom as this would be fruitless and only accelerate the melting process of this light snow. Check our Facebook for up to datre changes.



March 3 2022 HUSKY has been out all week working the trails. The little snow clippers we have been receiving has helped tremendously to replenish our system. Some areas are still thin and icey, others are in great shape. Forecast for the weekend is calling for a warmup on Sunday, come out and enjoy while you can. FAIR TO VERY GOOD!
February 18, 2022 The warm weather and rain has completely wiped out our trail system. There might be better conditions in the elevations, but no way to get there. Weather forcast is calling for some light snow and snow showers, but also more warm events next week. We have closed our trails until we receive substatial snowfall and water in the trail freezes. Please respect our landowners by not trying to ride until conditions improve and we can open trails again. CLOSSED!!
February 10, 2022 Last weeks snow storm was a blessing. Groomer has been out steady after monday's repairs. The warm weather that we are experiencing has made it a challenge to harden up the trails but they are shaping up nicely. Sill some thin spots on southern exposures or in some wooded sections. Please stay on the trails and please stop at all crossings. GOOD TO VERY GOOD!!
February 3, 2022 Not much change in the Orleans area. We have kept the groomer going to keep what little base we have as flat as possible. Yesterdays's warm up did not help. The good news, winter storm coming in with predictions of 10 to 16 inches of new snow. This is suppose to materialize late today into Friday morning. Keep your fingers crossed and be patient as this will take time and repeated grooming runs to provide a decent trail. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAILS. The future of our trail system is in your hands, don't screw it up!! FAIR TO GOOD
JANUARY 19, 2022 Spent 2 days in the HUSKY, all our trails are now open for your riding enjoyment. This is early season riding. We have great trails, good trails and not so good trails. The "TRAIL FROM HELL" is frozen with no mud and is in good shape. Groomer wil be out as conditions warant, need more snow. Please respect the generousity of our landowners and the hard work of our few volunteers by staying on the trails. You can get updates on our trails condition by also checking VAST trails page, or on our Facebook. EARLY SEASON
jANUARY 14, 2022 Not much change in the Orleans area. While we may have sections that might have enough snow to start grooming operations, our ability to get out of Orleans is hampered by too low a snow total in this area. WE MUST always respect our landowners and the saftey of snowmobilers. We are watching a storm for next week that should bring significant snow totals that will hopefully allow us to start grooming operations and opening our trails. Please be patient as we wait fior this to materialize. When we do open these trails, PLEASE obey all signs. STLL CLOSED FOR LACK OF SNOW
January 6, Not much has changed in the Orleans area. The previous weeks warm and drizzil weather has melted most of the early snow base we received during the Christmas holiday. Last sunday's snow event brought 3-5 inches of new snow. Was out checking trail conditions yesterday at road crossings, only about 3-4 inches of snow in Orleans/Irasburg area. Some areas a bit more, but we need a good 8-10 inches of snow before we can get going. Please be patient as mother nature has not been cooperative. We are all anxious to get out and enjoy but we need to remember to respect our landowners. We also need decent snow cover to start covering and filling ditches and ruts in the trail to provide safe and enjoyable snowmobiling. CLOSED, INSUFICENT SNOW
December 19 2021 We received 5-8 inches of snow, this is very fine snow that does not pack very good. Unfortunatly, it is not enough to open trails and begin grooming operations. We will monitor upcoming weatherand hope for further substantial snowfall that will allow us to start grooming operations. Patence please, do not try to ride before we open trails, we need to respect landowners property and trying to ride in these conditions risk damage to your sleds. Thank you for your patence. INSUFICENT SNOW, CLOSED!!
December 16 2021 Although the official start of the snowmobile season is today, the lack of any snow will force us to keep our trails closed. They will remain closed until we receive enough snow cover to begin grooming operations. Pleas check our trail condition link or the VAST trails online reports for the latest trails condition. Please help us protect our trail system by not tring to ride until we open the trails.. CLOSED!!
  Trails will open December 16, 2021 providing there is enogh snow cover. Do not travel trails until clubs have open them,