Reported Date

Trail Conditions


April 7, 2017 Trails are closed for the season. We would like to thank all our landowners for their generousity in allowing us to maintain the trail system on their property. Remember that these trails were for snowmobiling only and any other use without landowner consent is tresspassing and subject to Vermont laws. CLOSED
March 23,2017 Due to warm weather rain and snow showers trails in Orleans area are again down to grass and mud and are no longer rideable. The weekend forecast of more warm weather with rain and snow showers will take it's toll on elevation trails. The wetlands area in Westmore is CLOSED. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT to go up the road. Riding not recommended
March 15, 2017 WELL here we go again!! We have received anywhere from 18 to 24 inches plus. Our trails are open and groomer has been out today and is out tonight. We will be grooming nightly through the weekend. The conditions are early season soft packed. GOOD
February 24, 2017 We are temporary closing our trails due to warm temps, rain and low snow conditions. We will open our trails when we get significant snow. What a difference a week can make. CLOSED
February 16, 2017 We have received 9-12 inches the beginning of the week and another 4-6 overnight. The groomer is out working the trails, conditions are soft packed. Please SLOW DOWN and pay attention. This is the best snow that we have had all season. VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT
February 9, 2017 We are still receiving light snow and the groomer has been running nightly. Best conditions this year so far. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!! and STAY ON THE TRAIL. GOOD to EXCELLENT
February 2,2017 We have received 6-8 inches of snow last weekend and 2-3 in the last couple days. Groomer is out nightly working the trails and the wetlands area has inproved significantly. WARNING we are seeing alot of off trail riding you MUST STAY on the trail or we will LOSE IT!! If you are doing this smarten up. FAIR to VERY GOOD
January 27,2017

We have been receiving allot of mixed precipitation which has not provided much snow for us. We will need more snow before the groomer will go out. Wetland trail gates are CLOSED and remain so until we get cold weather and more snow. You can access WilloughVale and the Gap Pub from OS15, this is NOT a through trail!!

January 20,2017 We have NO change in our conditions. What little snow we received was followed with warm temps and rain. All our trails are still closed due to very low snow coverage. CLOSED
January 13 Friday the 13TH With two days above 40 degree temps and rain has left the trails in the Orleans area down to dirt and grass. Higher elevation trails will have open water holes and hazzards. Our trails are closed for riding until we get significant snowfall. The wetlands gates are closed. CLOSED
January 5,2017 The swings in temperature is not helping our trail system. For the most part our trails are fair. There is alot of open water bars and mud holes. Groomer will be out trying to fill these but we need more snow and cold temps. The Westmore wetlands trail section from OS14 to the Gap Pub is closed due to poor conditions in the wetlands. GATES ARE CLOSED! You can detour by using Vast Corridor 16 to Orleans and 58 back to Vast Corridor 5 on Dane Hill. We will open this up as soon as possible. You can still access the Gap Pub from OS15 on Vast Corridor 5.


open water bars and holes

most trails fair to good

December 31,2016 We received 6-10 inches new snow, this has improved our trail conditions. The Orleans area is still thin in some areas but elevation trails are improving. Groomer will be out working the trails. We are asking people not to use a portion of Vast corridor 16 East of OS13 to the Kittredge road in Evansville during the New Year's weekend. This is a request from a landowner who wishes to use his property to cross country ski for the weekend.

Early Season

Ride with CARE

December 22,2016 Last weekends warm weather and rain has left our trails with a thin base. Groomer will not be out until we receive some significant snow. At this time our trails are not recommended for riding until we receive more snow. RIDING NOT RECOMMENDED
December 15, 2016 Our groomer has been out packing our trails. We did this in anticipation of the cold weather coming in the next few days. This will help freeze the water and mud in the trail base. We need more snow as there is alot of rocks and other obstacles that need to be covered. Trails open tomorrow but we do not recommend riding until we receive more snow. If you choose to ride beware there are many hazards on the trail. Early Season Riding
December 16, 2016 Trails officially open today weather permitting.